Being a visual artist and art therapist, understanding the effect of colours on human psyche and the symbolic meaning of an art work were my foremost priority .

The language of symbols is a thresh hold between the physical and meta-physical.As my work is greatly inspired by the Sufi literature,colors and symbols play a very important role in my paintings .Colours and symbolism nearly remains constant throughout cultures and it is a universal currency, which reflects our feelings, our thoughts, and our memories.In my paintings they are used in such a manner as to create a piece of art pleasing to the eye and mind and beautiful to a degree that it obeys the cosmic order and therefore reflect universal beauty .

Rumi’s poetry became my muse and a gentle guide to experience the universal love which bonds us all humans. My work has evolved my personal growth and understanding of the universe seen through the eyes and heart of the Sufi mystics. As Rumi beautifully said.

“ The drop that left it’s homeland
The sea and then returned
It found an oyster waiting
And then grew into a pearl”

Being from a culture where women tend to decorate everything from a shirt to a plate so as to celebrate the colors of our environment,and thus my paintings are highly decorative and extremely colorful. My aim as an artist is to bridge the gap between all schools of thought and spread the message of peace and love taught by Sufis through all ages and times.

Therefore, like cosmology, my paintings give a message of unity in which the entire universe is taken as one whole unit including all creations- physical and metaphysical bonded in one focal unit all engaged in the worship of God. This was the message of the mystic Sufi’s. Thus, my paintings are transformed as my life’s passion and a never ending road to spiritual discovery.